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"Where do I start to describe my experience with Melissa? 

First off, I have to tell you I trusted her to work with my own Mother. A Mother who is in her End Stages of Alzheimer’s disease. That alone is a high vote of confidence in her ability. Melissa, not only performed spectacularly but the results were amazing. The gift of her skills shared with my Mother, now captured on video and still photos are moments I will treasure forever. I highly recommend Melissa as a Music Therapist. In addition, I would not hesitate to recommend her as a speaker. She is loaded with information and has a deep passion for her work. 

Her ability to connect with the ill is undeniable. Melissa is a gift to this world. She truly understands the importance of the connections she makes. She gives hope to those who have lost hope in their lives. She knows how to create remarkable moments and can show you how you too can engage the elderly and the ill.”

Lori LaBey – Speaker,Trainer, Principal at Alzheimer's Speaks of Senior Lifestyle Trends

"You really make a difference. It's amazing that you have that kind of power to change someone's day like that"

"Music is the ticket to success every time with our residents. You can never have too much music".

Emotional, Spiritual, and Psychosocial

“It gives me hope and letting go” 

"Music is good for the soul" and "it makes you feel alive"

"Music therapy really makes people connect. It's the most helpful of all the therapies. It's like you flip a switch & turn them on. I have to bring a camera next time! She just lights up to the music!"

 "The music touches him...You're the only one who can make him smile. He doesn't even smile for me...He has his eyes open more for you then anyone else... He really moves to the music".   

"You come here and give me peace though the music". "It's healing"

“You lift us up and take us away. You bring so much joy to our lives”

“It’s like a different world when music is involved. They react differently to music”

“You walk through the door that needed to be opened. You bring tears to my eyes and cheer me up”

“You have been a bridge for me. You lift me up and carry me”

“You bring me out of the hole”

“It’s like a soul vacation”

“We would be lost without you”

“Music is one of the only things that can reach her”

“You brought me home”

“It brings me up just when I needed that. I thank Jesus that the music can bring out those feelings. This is the kind of work you need to do.”

“It’s always a pleasure when you come. It’s a bright space. I’m feeling better now than I have been”. 

“It’s nice that you can come and make my day complete”

“You brighten this place immeasurably. There’s nothing like music”

“It helps me keep it together”

 “I’ll have a better day because you were here”

“You bring peace, joy, and light where ever you go”

“I’m thinking about how good it is to sing. It brings you out of your troubles. 
You always make me feel better”
“I feel wonderful and blessed to have met you”

“Her face really lit up when she saw you”

"You are a bright spot in my life"

"I haven't seen her smile that much in a while, you must be doing something right"

“This is a real gift to families”

"I feel better now than I have in 4-5 days. It really makes your whole day”

"The music put me in the right mood"

“I'm sure where ever you go you spread joy"

"You make everything just right for us"

"I wouldn't have had a day without you”

"This [music therapy] is the best thing that has happened to me”
Music makes me feel “content. It just takes my stuff away”

"This music is the most helpful thing of everything"

"You made my day"

“Music communicates”

            “Music is a true healer”

 “it’s truly a blessing to have you here.” 
“It’s amazing to see how much he responds to songs he knows”

"It’s not singing it’s praying"

"We can make ourselves happy with a little music"

"I heard the music & thought I was in heaven"

"I'm much better now that you worked on me"

"You really brightened up our days"

“If this isn't therapy I don't know what is"

"This is the best medication she's had along. You have a beautiful ministry”

“I’m glad you came, you really made me feel better. My golly, my day is made!”

“It’s a good experience. I like singing. I convince myself that I’m good at something. I enjoy my own singing. I can feel mellow. Songs remind me of things that get you by”, and “If I didn’t have music, I wouldn’t feel happy. It calms me down”. 

“Oh that makes me feel good!”

“That really lifts me up. I needed that”

“it’s always a pleasure to have you. It’s raises my spirits. You drive away the bad things”

Decreasing Behaviors
"You are so wonderful, I just watched him settle down as you played"

“After you are done their moods are so much different. They are so much more relaxed!”

Sense of Purpose
After playing guitar client stated "I'm so proud of myself"

"It makes me feel part of the whole big thing, "it gives me a lift”

"I can just feel my body relax to that kind of music”

"It's good for me, for my lungs. I think my whole person is part of it. I feel like it increases my breaths, so it helps.” “It stays with me for days”

Music "was just what I needed this morning" and the relaxation "really makes a difference in my lower back. It helps the pain”

“You’re good medicine”

When asked if he had pain client responded "not when you are singing"

"This is better than any medicine"

"It would be interesting to take [blood pressure] before & after music. I bet it's lower now"

“You do as much or more than doctors and nurses to make you feel better”

Music "opens up a window"

“It makes my mind feel good”

" This is the most fun she's had all week" “she hasn’t been awake this long in a long time, she really enjoys the music”

"Melissa connects well with people. I hired her for my relatives, one elderly, the other terminally ill - both were extremely happy with Melissa's voice, knowledge, and ability to sooth and generate positive energy."

“I met Melissa when she spoke to my fibromyalgia support group. After taking part in a demo of music therapy, I felt good and wanted to try it for a full session. After an hour of talking about lifestyle, musical tastes and learning to relax and listen, I was feeling very much recharged and had energy! I followed some of the suggestions about music and became aware of a new way to relax after a long day at work. I still have fibromyalgia, but I also have another technique in my life for dealing with it.”

"Melissa is a compassionate professional who provided great comfort to the hospice clients we worked with on a daily basis. She is very skilled in building rapport with clients and providing personalized care. Melissa was a valued member of our team and excelled in communicating patient needs to the team."
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