This intergenerational music group will incorporate singing, playing instruments, moving to music, cognitive stimulation, education, self-care, support, structured social interaction, and fun with 4 generations. Meet other seniors, caregivers, parents, and children.

The group will be facilitated by two board-certified Neurologic Music Therapy Fellows.

Children of all ages welcome. Seniors and children with disabilities welcome.


            Group Dates: Saturday December 7th - February 1st  (No Group December 28th)

            Group Time: Gathering & Social Time 11-11:15, Music 11:15-12:00

            Group Location: The Wellington: 2235 Rockwood Avenue; St Paul, MN 55116

            Cost:  $115, $30 discount if multiple seniors or children, or related senior or child are  


            Accompaniment: Each senior or child must be accompanied by an adult


For More Information or to Enroll in the Group Contact:

Melissa Hirokawa, M.M., MT-BC, Neurologic Music Therapy Fellow ♪ 612-208-0156 ♪


What Have Previous Participants of Intergenerational Music Groups Had to Say About Them?

(Note, while all these comments are about babies, children of all ages are welcome for this group)

From a Facility Perspective: How Did Intergenerational Music Groups Benefit the Residents?

“My residents looked forward to the intergenerational music groups. I was often asked, “Is today the day the babies come?” and if it wasn’t the day they counted down the days. The residents talked about the children after for days saying, “did you see the way that one smiled or how much bigger she/he is getting!”  They honestly looked forward to the groups and went through with drawl when we were on break! They couldn’t wait until January when the babies came again!

One of my residents nearly always sleeps in her wheelchair and never looks up. During the groups she was alert, smiling and interacting with the children. The fellow residents pointed that fact out to me every time we had the group and say how wonderful it is that the babies make her happy.”

Megan Mulder – Assisted Living Program Coordinator

From a Parent’s Perspective: Why Join

Intergenerational Music Groups?

“I thought the class was beneficial to both the seniors at the nursing home and the children. As soon as the seniors saw the children, their faces lit up. My baby loved the extra attention from the seniors--playing with the scarves together, rolling balls back and forth, and enjoying the music together.

It was fun watching the interaction between the residents and the babies. Some residents mentioned that they had not held a baby in years. It was fun to see the seniors participate in the group--playing with the musical instruments, scarves, and children. I enjoyed getting to know the residents at the nursing home.

After the groups started, I saw several of the seniors in the hall when I visit my Mom-

they were so excited to see my children. Since I have spent so much time at nursing homes, I have noticed that many residents don't have visitors--they loved seeing children. Even the people with dementia will smile and "come alive" when they have children around.

The group benefited the seniors, babies and parents attending the class.”

Nancy Sinykin –Parent

From a Parent’s Perspective: How Did Intergenerational Music Groups Enhance Child Development? 

"The intergenerational music groups far exceeded my expectations for our son. We saw his rhythm, music and verbal skills improve each week with participation in the groups and with practice with the take home books, CDs, and instruments. Often, we found him gently humming his songs while he played by himself.

Even more important than advancement of his musical skills, we saw a wonderful development of his social skills as well. Others notice too. People at our church often compliment him on how comfortable he is with people of all ages. He interacts with the babies all the way up to the most elderly; he is comfortable around people with physical and mental disability. He even loves walkers and wheelchairs -- he always wants to ride on board.

This is what made me the proudest, the way music helped his social side flourish!"


Cathy Kolwey –Parent

From a Parent’s Perspective: Parent Resources: Why Begin Music Groups With Young Children?

"I didn't know how much fun we'd have or how useful music groups would be for my daughter until I started attending classes. We use the songs all the time at home and I use them in the car when we are driving and she starts to cry, she gets a huge smile. There is a song that goes with almost everything. I met parents, which are huge resources for me! It is great to know other parents with children the same age as your little one.

The funny thing is that I didn't think babies this little would be ready for this sort of thing and I couldn't imagine it before we went. This was just the age though to introduce music and dancing to children. She absolutely loved it. Babies this age love movement and I wouldn't have even thought to do some of the things we do if I hadn't attended these groups. My parents went to groups as well. They love to sing and dance with her too. My dad has a great voice - who knew! He never sang to me this way. Wow - very cool."

   Michelle Lenhart –Parent

“This is the most active I have seen residents in a long time. They really seem to be having fun!”

Nurse Manager at Nursing Home


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